The Discovery of Heaven

The Discovery of Heaven God wants the original Ten Commandments back. But no Angel is allowed to travel to earth to get them. The Angels have to 'create' a human being smart enough to find the Stone Tablets, someone who is willing to sacrifice his or her life in order to return the Tablets to Heaven.

The Angels design an ingenious and at the same time merciless plan to achieve their goal. The plan shapes up when two men on earth meet each other apparently by coincidence. One is Onno Quist, an eccentric linguist and son of a former Prime Minister. The other is Max Delius, who is the son of a Nazi father and a Jewish mother. The two men become friends. Ony one person can intrude into the intimacy of their friendship: Ada Brons, a young cello player.

Ada becomes pregnant. She doesn't know whether Max or Onno is the father. The boy born, Quniten, rapidly develops as a very special and very gifted child. Is he the chosen one? Will he be capable to complete the Angels' task?

16 No persons under 16 (Sex, Nudity)
128 minutes


CastStephen Fry, Greg Wise, Flora Montgomery, Diana Quick, Neil Newbon, Jeroen Krabbe
DirectorJeroen Krabbe
Formats DVDVHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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