Hockey Mom

Hockey Mom Paula (Jessica Gilsig) is a no-nonsense, single mom struggling to make ends meet, while taking care of her young son. She works a blue-collar job for the hydro company and can't resist the occasional game of pick-up hockey with the guys at work. Paula stands up to the constant ribbing about women belonging in the kitchen, until one day the tough-as-nails mom throws down the gloves and challenges them to a match.

Paula, who once had a shot at the Olympic hockey team, rallies her friends in an effort to come up with a women's team worthy of defeating the men. But, it's not that simple. Paula has a new love in her life, Steve (Jason Priestley), and her fearless challenge could jeopardise the budding relationship. Add to that, her son is feeling neglected in all of the hockey madness, and the stress of juggling her personal obligations is taking its toll on Paula.

Now that she's the coach and star player on her new team, she faces a tough choice: will she put her son and boyfriend first, or pursue her crazy dream of glory on the ice?

pg Parental Guidance
85 minutes


CastJessalyn Gilsig, Peter Outerbridge, Juliette Marquis, Michie Mee, Tanya Allen, Beverley Manhood, Jason Priestley, Margot Kidder
DirectorKari Skogland
Formats DVDVHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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