The Interpreter

The Interpreter Starring Academy Award winners Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn, and directed by Sydney Pollack (The Firm), The Interpreter sets the rules for the ultimate action-thriller: delivering edge-of-your-seat suspense with a compelling and exciting plot. It also goes after your heart and mind.

After UN interpreter Silvia Broome (Nicole Kidman) overhears a plot to assassinate an African head of state, the US Secret Service is brought in to investigate, in the shape of hard-bitten agent Tobin Keller (Sean Penn), who nonetheless suspects she may not be telling the whole truth. Realising she has become a target of the assassins as well, the interpreter is desperate to thwart the plot... if only she can survive long enough to get someone to believe her.

13 No persons under 13 (Violence)
124 minutes

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Cast Nicole Kidman, Sean Penn, Catherine Keener, Jesper Christensen, Yvan Attal, Earl Cameron, George Harris
DirectorSydney Pollack
Formats DVDVHS
SA DistributorSter-Kinekor

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