Zolar A struggling extreme sports team is given a second chance when pro skater JASON ELLIS introduces them to expert coach SKIP and his adopted son, ZOLAR. With Skip's coaching and Zolar's skills, the team begins dominating every tournament they enter.

Evil hunters, PRENTISS and JAMMER are after Zolar. They others soon learn why. Zolar's an alien, and the evil warlord HEDION is after his powers so he can rule the universe. He's hired the bounty hunters to obtain Zolar's powers using any means necessary. When Zolar is tricked and certain of his powers are stolen, it's up to Team Zolar to get them back and stop Hedion's men. The fate of the universe may hang in the balance.

pg Parental Guidance
85 minutes


CastC. Thomas Howell, David Millbern, Jordan Hoffart
DirectorCarla A Goldstein
Formats DVDVHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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