Fizzy Bizness

Fizzy Bizness FIZZY BIZNESS tells the story of two childhood friends, Richie Taylor and Benji Berg, nutty teenage inventors who dream of becoming celebrated entrepreneurs by re-inventing the soft drink industry. Living in obscurity in a small coastal Florida town, the boys have been creating and perfecting their new product, Soda Plops — soft drinks in tablet form. Just add water and plop — portable soda, anytime, anywhere. When a freak accident damages their lighthouse laboratory, a chance discovery washes up on the beach, offering the boys an opportunity to reclaim their dream. Thus, the boys begin their hilarious adventure into uncharted territory. Sheer determination, a hip rap number and a lot of help when they least expect it, see the boys succeed against all odds, while turning their small town of misfits and outcasts into a community of heroes.

10 No persons under 10 (Language)
89 minutes


CastDanny Smith, Brandon Quinn, Kevin Jubinville, Joris Jarsky, Panou, Frank Medrand, Phyllis Alexion
DirectorCarl A. Goldstein
Formats DVDVHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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