No Way Up

No Way Up Every day, millions of people descend into underground parking garages, get their cars and drive to the safety of their homes.

But tonight, five levels down in a deserted corporate parking structure, financial analyst Tom Weaver (Grayson McCouch) won't be going home. After finishing a late night business deal, Tom arrives at section E5 of the garage only to discover his car won't start. Worse yet, the elevators are shut down and every stairwell has been locked. Trapped in the bowels of the garage, Tom realises he's not alone. Something else is down here. Watching. Waiting. A monstrous 6000 lb Truck whose driver sits hidden behind a veil of tinted glass. A lethal killer with only one agenda: Not letting Tom get out alive.

85 minutes


CastGrayson McCouch, Adrian Paul, Amy Locane
DirectorJames Seale
Formats DVDVHS
SA DistributorSter-Kinekor

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