Soldiers of the Rock

Soldiers of the Rock Vuyo (Vuyo Dabula), a young black economics graduate decides to do some soul searching by doing a vacation stint on a gold min in which his father was crushed to death by a rock-fall — the father he hadn't seen or heard from for over 20 years, but the father who provided the funding for his son's schooling and university training.

It is here, deep in the dark bowels of the earth where he comes into contact with the kind of men his father worked side by side with for thirty five years. A team of men trapped in the darkness of their circumstances, caught between the cross-fire of losing their jobs due to the mine being forced to close or the choice to mine the ever dangerous, high-risk-yield rich-gold stope, five kilometres below the surface of the earth.

It is here, deep in the bowels of the earth where Vuyo is chosen to lead these men out of the darkness and into the new light by taking ownership of the mine.

It is here, deep in the bowels of the earth where Vuyo is challenged to survive against all odds, and for the light to prevail.

13 No persons under 13 (Violence)
95 minutes

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CastVuyo Dabula, Michael Dlamini, Glen Gabela, Lebo Mathosa, Sibusiso Mahlangu
DirectorNorman Maake
Formats DVD
SA DistributorSter-Kinekor

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