Caved In

Caved In An extreme adventure tour group headed by deep-caving expert John Palmer (Christopher Atkins13th Child, The Librarians) descends into a 2000 ft abandoned salt mine, that was mysteriously closed down years ago after an unexplained disaster trapped all the miners. They prepare for rock slides, black-outs, cave-ins — whatever might threaten their journey; and commence their descent into the depths.

Upon reaching a mysterious cavern Marcel (David PalffyTV's ''Stargate SG-1''), Vincent (Colm MeaneyLayer Cake, Bitter Harvest, Intermission) and the other members of the tour group reveal that they are in fact searching the mine for a rumoured cache of precious stones. Their attempt to hijack the expedition is soon forgotten as they are confronted with a terror that they could never have prepared for — an unimaginable swift, silent killer long hidden in the cavernous earth.

Now trapped, divided and surrounded by frightening predators, the group must again band together to have any chance of survival.

16 No persons under 16 (Violence)
91 minutes


CastChristopher Atkins, Colm Meaney, Angela Featherstone
DirectorRick Pepin
Formats DVD
SA DistributorNu Metro

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