The Legend of Lucy Keyes

The Legend of Lucy Keyes Guy and Joanne Cooley seek a fresh start and a quieter place to raise their two young daughters, Molly and Lucy. Drawn to the picturesque, bedroom town of Princeton, Massachusetts, they find the perfect 18th century farm house at the foot of the Wachusett Mountain. They quickly discover, however, that this house has a history. It was the home of Robert and Martha Keyes and their daughter Lucy who mysteriously disappeared 250 years ago.

As soon as they learn of the legend, strange things begin to happen. Haunted by dreams, cries in the woods at night, and a long lost letter confessing the murder of Lucy Keyes, Joanna convinces herself that the spirits of Martha and Lucy Keyes are contacting her in order to be set free. Worse, the mother's spirit wants little Lucy Cooley as a substitute for her own missing daughter. Joanne's sanity and her marriage on the line, she decides they must expose the truth of Lucy Keyes' disappearance.

Meanwhile, this sleepy little town does not welcome the Cooley family with open arms, let alone their stories of ghosts. In an ironic recreation of the legend, little Lucy Cooley disappears one windy night. Is this the work of supernatural forces, or an elaborate plot by the powers-that-be to drive the Cooleys out of town? Guy and Joanne must face their greatest fear, losing another child, as they plunge head first into the world of the unknown to save their little girl and set right a 250 year old mystery.

93 minutes


CastJulie Delphy, Justin Theroux, Brooke Adams, Cassidy Hinkle, Mark Boone Junior
DirectorJohn Stimpson
Formats DVD
SA DistributorNu Metro

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