Like Mike 2

Like Mike 2 Packed with great laughs, high-stakes action, and plenty of heart, the magic is back... and in a brand new game!

In the inspiring sequel to the hit film Like Mike, those miraculous high-tops land in the eager young hands of a pint-sized underdog who dreams of success, fame, and achieving a happier and healthier life for his family!

Die-hard sports fan Jerome Jenkins Junior (''Triple-J'' to his friends) gets no respect at the local playground, because he's too young, too slow, and worst of all — he's too short. But Jerome's luck changes when he finds a mysterious pair of beat-up, incandescent sneakers with the initials ''M.J.'' scrawled inside. And when he puts them on, he's suddenly capable of unbelieveable athletic abilities that attract the attention of people everywhere!

But when his sudden rise to fame threatens to allienate his family and turn his friends against him, Jerome realises there's a high price to pay to be crowned the King of the Hill... and he just might land in the Hall of Shame!

pg Parental Guidance
91 minutes


CastJascha Washington, Kel Mitchell, Brett Kelly, Micah Stephen Williams, Michael Beach
DirectorDavid Nelson
Formats DVDVHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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