The Hunt

The Hunt Combining horrific elements of ''The Blair Witch Project'' with the alien-abduction classic ''Fire in the Sky'', ''The Hunt'' is an alarmingly frightening film — made even more so by the fact it's based on actual events.

4:33 AM, THE MORNING OF OCTOBER 19, 1999. A father (Joe Michael Burke — '' Wild Things 2'', ''General Hospital''), his stepson, and a cameraman venture deep into the woods setting out to make a deer hunting tutorial video. When they track a wounded deer into a restricted area, however, things start to take a turn for the surreal...

FIRST THEY COME ACROSS a series of monuments that have no apparent purpose, and no discernable origin. As they track the deer further into the woods, they begin to feel the distinct feeling that someone, or something, is following them. Only the young boy sees it moving in the trees, stalking them. Realising they're in over their heads, they try to find their way out of the woods, but the woods don't seem to want to let them go.

IN A SHOCKING, FINAL CONFRONTATION, the hunters finally realise the truth — that they've been the hunted all along. And the real hunters are not of this Earth...

10 No persons under 10 (Language, Violence)
87 minutes


CastCliff de Young, Robert Rusler, Joe Michael Burke
DirectorFritz Kiersch
Formats DVD
SA DistributorNu Metro

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