The Winans — The Lost Concert

The Winans — The Lost Concert In 1984, three of the most popular acts in contemporary gospel music, two time Grammy award winners, The Winans, Commissioned and soloist Vanessa Bell Armstrong, gave an historic performance at one of the biggest gospel music concerts ever held in Detroit. Before a sell-out crowd at the Premier Center in Sterling Heights, MI, this all-star line up produced one of the finest evenings of music ministry ever, captured for posterity on video tape. But the marketability of a gospel concert video was then in doubt, and so the tape was never reproduced and ultimately vanished.

For more than a decade, the performances contained on The Winans: The Lost Concert, were literally lost, though a concerted search effort went on for years. At long last, the tapes were located in a city basement and have been brought to DVD.

The Winans, long considered pioneers in the field of contemporary gospel, updated the sights and sounds of a centuries-old genre so as to appeal to a modern urban audience through pulsating R&B rhythms and smooth-sounding vocals.

The Detroit-based gospel group Commissioned produced ten albums in sixteen years of performing, infusing traditional melody with slick harmonies and prolific lyrics, thus creating a new gospel genre containing elements of rock, pop, jazz and R&B.

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CastThe Winans, Commissioned, Vanessa Bell Armstrong
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