Van Wilder: Freshman Year

Van Wilder: Freshman Year It's freshman year at Coolidge College and Van Wilder (Jonathan Bennett) is ready to party. To his dismay, all the girls have taken a vow of chastity and an uptight Dean (Kurt Fuller) rules the school.

Van embarks on an epic crusade to land the campus hottie, Kaitlin (Kristin Cavallari) and liberate his school from sexual oppression and party dysfunction. No cheerleader will be left untouched and no keg will be left un-tapped in this hilarious prequel to the original!

16 No persons under 16 (Language, Sex, Nudity, Drugs)
97 minutes


CastJonathan Bennett, Kristin Cavallari, Jerry Shea, Steve Talley
DirectorHarvey Glazer
Formats DVD
SA DistributorNu Metro

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