The Adventures of Clutch Powers

The Adventures of Clutch Powers Clutch Powers joins a team of explorers who go to another planet to find out why the entire crew of a space base have disappeared.

One of their own is attacked by the evil Wizard (From the Lego Castle line) with an Electro Whip. We can assume by then they have all been split up as Clutch on his own seems to have stumbled into a cave and finds a Crystal King (Power Miners).

Another of the crew is slammed against glass. Near the end of the film there will be a climatic final battle between Clutch Powers and the Evil Wizard at his castle. Fate of the world is resting on his shoulders.

all All Ages
82 minutes


CastVoices of Roger Rose, Alex Désert, Chris Hardwick, Christopher Emerson
DirectorHoward E Baker
Formats DVD
SA DistributorNu Metro

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