Susanna van Biljon

Susanna van Biljon Karen Zoid makes a remarkable film debut as the small town Rebecca Dreyer in Franz Marx's latest film Susanna van Biljon.

Rebecca, a woman in her late thirties, lives somewhere in the barren Karoo with her mother, Mrs. Dreyer. Rebecca's life is in a rut — she works during the day in a depressing café while dreaming of a brighter future ... a future far from here and far from her mother. But dreams don't necessarily come true, and even the less when you're not so young anymore. Will Rebecca overcome all her obstacles — and will her dreams come true? And where does Dirk, the enigmatic widower and sheep-farmer fit into Rebecca's life?

pg Parental Guidance (Language)
98 minutes

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CastKaren Zoid, Marie Du Toit, David Rees, Wilna Snyman, Louis Van Niekerk, Anna Davel, Nico Panagio, Shaleen Surtie-Richards, Hannes van Wyk, Lillian Dube, Adrian Alper, Leandie Du Randt, Werner Coetser
DirectorBromley Cawood
Formats DVD
SA DistributorNu Metro

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