Barbie: A Fairy Secret

Barbie: A Fairy Secret The movie starts where Barbie is getting ready for the premier of her new show, which is being attended by her stylist and her dressmaker. On the evening, whilst walking up the red carpet to the event, her 'friend' Racquel stands on her dress and rips it.

Very quickly the two assistants (who are at the time revealed as fairies) repair the dress and the event continues. The next day Barbie confronts Racquel in the car park at the local mall, whilst Ken and a few friends watch.Barbie is very angry about what has happened and wants to know why Racquel did this.

During the confrontation, two fairies descend on the car park and kidnap Ken (remember it is 2011 and it is Ken's birthday so the focus is very much on him in this movie) and he is taken away to a fairy world where it is planned that he will marry one of the leaders of the fairies. The movie's thread follows Barbie's needs to plan Ken's rescue and Barbie and Racquel work together to do this.

The focus here is friendship and its importance irrespective of the situation that you are faced with.

all All Ages
75 minutes


CastVoices of Annette Bening, Julianne Moore, Mark Ruffalo, Laura Bailey, Cassandra Morris
DirectorTodd Resnick, William Lau
Formats DVD
SA DistributorNu Metro

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