Like Dandelion Dust

Like Dandelion Dust Jack and Molly Campbell enjoyed an idyllic life in their small home town outside Atlanta, with their adopted 4-year-old, Joey. Then they receive the phone call that shatters their world: a social worker tells them that Joey's biological father has been released from prison and is ready to start life over - with his son!

When a judge rules that Joey must be returned to his father, the Campbells, in a silent haze of grief and total disbelief, watch their son pick a dandelion and blow the feathery seeds into the wind.

Struggling with the dilemma of following the law, their hearts and what they know to be morally right, the Campbells find that desperation leads to dangerous thoughts. What if they can devise a plan? Take Joey and simply disappear... LIKE DANDELION DUST.

pg Parental Guidance under 13 (Violence)
111 minutes

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CastMira Sorvino, Barry Pepper, Cole Hauser, Kate Levering, Maxwell Perry Cotton, L. Scott Caldwell, Abby Brammell
DirectorJon Gunn
Formats DVD
SA DistributorNu Metro

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