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I Know What You Did Last Summer

I swear it wasn't me... A comedy horror from the writer of "Scream". Two teenage couples, on holiday, accidentally run over a man. Instead of reporting the accident, they dump the man - still alive - in the sea.

One year later, they start receiving threatening letters.. and then the murders start...

100 minutes "), No persons under 16.
Horror, Thriller, Comedy.

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The Moviesite Fan Club comments
Thomas Kruger: It is a nice to watch nailbiter

Shaun Myburg: Once again Kevin Williamson gives us a clever witty script, making horror films what they should be, intelligent. Fresh script, fresh actors and a fresh film makes this easily one of the horror films of the year...don't see it alone!

Robert Haynes: An incredibly run of the mill slasher pick, dissapointing from Kevin Williamson the writer of scream....God knows why everyone is making such a fuss and acting like they've never seen this type of thing before...Come on guys...you've got short memories - go and rent any Friday the 13th...This is nothing more than a GLOSSY albeit well done SLASHER FILM...cliche cliche yawn

Carien Myburgh: THRILLING !!!!!!!!!

Tania van Buren-Schele: Edge of the seat watching

Neil Thompson: Bad cast and bad script and those are the good points. Very disappointing movie considering the talent of these actors/actresses. Doesn't hold a candle to "Scream", in fact compairing the two is basically impossible because the standards are so far apart.

Louise Parris: Good for what it's worth - which is nothing more than 90 minutes of fun. Instantly forgettable, but good while it lasts.

Paul van der Westhuizen: And then he came back. Not even close to Scream.

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