Film Industry News

US Top Ten movies

Weekend of 12 - 14 April 2019

  1. Shazam! (2 weeks)
  2. Little (new) (15.4 M$)
  3. Hellboy (new)
  4. Pet Semetary (2 weeks)
  5. Dumbo (3 weeks)
  6. Captain Marvel (6 weeks)
  7. Us (4 weeks)
  8. After (new)
  9. Missing Link (new)
  10. The Best of Enemies (2 weeks)

UK Top Ten movies

Weekend of 12 - 14 April 2019

  1. Dumbo (3 weeks)
  2. Shazam! (2 weeks)
  3. Wonder Park (new) (1.6 M£)
  4. Hellboy (new)
  5. Captain Marvel (6 weeks)
  6. Wild Rose (new)
  7. Pet Semetary (2 weeks)
  8. Little (new)
  9. Us (4 weeks)
  10. Missing Link (2 weeks)
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‘The Curse of La Llorona’ Review: California Freakin’, With Scares, Laughs and a Murderous Ghost

Linda Cardellini plays a widow with two children and a curse in this amusing, old-fashioned ghost story, the latest addition to the “Conjuring” series. ...More>>

Review: ‘The Man Who Killed Don Quixote’ Brings Him Back to Life

Terry Gilliam’s long-deferred tribute to Cervantes’s knight errant finally arrives, starring Jonathan Pryce and Adam Driver. ...More>>

‘Curse of La Llorona’ Is No. 1 as Box Office Braces for More ‘Avengers’

Fox’s faith-based “Breakthrough,” with Chrissy Metz as a mother who prays for her son’s seemingly impossible medical recovery, came in third. ...More>>

Critic’s Pick: ‘Fast Color’ Review: Can a Gifted Family Save a Parched World?

Julia Hart’s wonderfully strange dystopian drama pits three gifted black women against a dried-up world and a hostile government. ...More>>

‘Under the Silver Lake’ Review: Andrew Garfield Gets Lost in a Haze of Pop-Culture Allusions

A little Hitchcock, a touch of noir, some ’90s indie rock, a few naked women, and yet not much to see. ...More>>

Anatomy of a Scene: How ‘The Curse of La Llorona’ Creates Chills

The director Michael Chaves narrates a scene from this thriller about a menacing mother. ...More>>

Claire Denis Talks to Barry Jenkins About Director Anxiety and Expectations

The French filmmaker’s approach to time and structure has long fascinated our interviewer, the American auteur of “Moonlight.” ...More>>

‘Penguins’ Review: A Nature Documentary Veers Into Fairy Tale

Ed Helms provides the internal monologue for a 5-year-old Adélie penguin referred to as Steve, who is about to embark on his first mating season. ...More>>

How ‘Avengers’ Was Assembled, Before Marvel Was Mighty

Robert Downey Jr. and the Marvel Studios president, Kevin Feige, look back on a time when “Iron Man,” let alone an “Avengers” movie, was hardly a sure thing. ...More>>

Lorraine Warren, Paranormal Investigator Portrayed in ‘The Conjuring,’ Dies at 92

She and her husband looked into that famed house of spookiness in Amityville, and their cases turned into films. ...More>>

Warren Adler, ‘The War of the Roses’ Author, Is Dead at 91

A late-blooming novelist, he had his greatest success with a comedy about a couple in a domestic free-for-all. It became a hit movie. ...More>>

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