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US Top Ten movies

The only new release, the indie In the Earth, had a reasonable debut average in limited venues and landed at eight.

The Croods have now been on the top ten for five months. Unusual times ...

Weekend of 16 - 18 April 2021

  1. Godzilla vs. Kong (3 weeks)
  2. Nobody (4 weeks)
  3. The Unholy (3 weeks)
  4. Raya and The Last Dragon (7 weeks)
  5. Tom & Jerry (8 weeks)
  6. Voyagers (2 weeks)
  7. The Girl Who Believes in Miracles (3 weeks)
  8. In the Earth (new) (505k$)
  9. The Courier (5 weeks)
  10. The Croods: A New Age (21 weeks)

UK Top Ten movies

No new releases, Wonder Woman took 72.6k£ and Home Alone 3.8k£...

Cinemas in the UK are now closed, so no updates for the time being.

Weekend of 25 - 27 December 2020

  1. Wonder Woman 1984 (2 weeks)
  2. Home Alone (re-release, 5 weeks)
  3. Come Away (2 weeks)
  4. The Greatest Showman (re-release, 1 week)
  5. Superintelligence (3 weeks)
  6. Elf (re-release, 5 weeks)
  7. The Lion King (re-release, 1 week)
  8. Lat Him Go (new, 1 week)
  9. Honest Thief (re-rntry, 1 week)
  10. The Muppet Christmas Carol (re-release, 2 weeks)
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