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How did I get into this mess? This week's biggie is a comedy disaster. Similar in premise to Deep Impact , this version has an asteroid on a collision course with good old planet earth. What to do? Blow it up. How? Drill a deep hole in it and drop a nuclear device down said hole. So we find some oil riggers, give them the crash course in being astronauts, and Bob's or uncle. Or Bruce, in this case.
Expect lots of explosions, a love story to get in the way of the serious business, and more explosions.

150 minutes, Parental guidance under 10.
Action, Thriller, Romance.

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The Moviesite Fan Club comments
Shaun Myburg: What a film!!! More action than you can shake a stick at, more comedy than you'd expect, and my oh my...what a cast! The film is perhaps the most perfect disaster movie I have ever seen. With Michael Bay directing you know you're in for a ride. If you liked movies like "The Rock", "Bad Boys" and "Con Air", you will absolutely love this. I was on the edge of my seat during the space scenes, and I was in tears during those good-byes. Go see it, or miss the film of the millenium.

Riaan Verster: Excellent movie.

Janet Ristic: Came out with a tremendous headache. A very predictable movie and so noisy!!

Kim White: Loved the Sound FX.

Rudolph Nel: It's typical Jerry Bruckheimer stuff but always entertaining. You dont go to a movie like this expecting logic, realism or even a good plot. It is the action that matters and there is plenty. Bruce Willis is very good here and so is the rest of the cast. The ending was sentimental but that's what made it even better.

John Cullen: Makes Deep Impact look like a soppy love story.

Bruce Humphrey: Very well done. I liked the humour but found the constant tirade, confusion and noise of the asteroids overwhelming at times. Nevertheless - a highly recommended movie not to be missed by spectacle fans!

Laetitia Loubser: This is the way to do a disaster movie!!!! Armageddon managed to involve the audience through the strong caracters. Bruce Willis did an excellent job! Who ever thought that he could turn me into a sobbing viewer. Not to take anything away from the other actors. They followed the lead well! The makers of Deep Impact might as well observe and learn!!!!

Manola Tommei: Best movie I've seen this year.

Nick Soper: Okay, I know this is going to cost me, but I have to say, Deep Impact whipped Armageddon's ass. No, seriously, Armageddon was very good. I enjoyed it, but DI is still the best movie I have ever seen. Armageddon was too much like "The A-Team" on the big screen. Deep Impact reigns supreme. Fire doesn't burn in space.

Andre Swanepoel: Much better than Deep Impact.

Patrick Millin: This movie moves as fast as the asteroid heading for Earth, with awsome FX, but do asteroids normally make so much noise in the vacum of space... highly recomended for sci fi fans.

Thomas Kruger: Very entertaining. Very good action. Much better than Deep Impact.

Glenn Wagner: Good movie.

Gideon Joubert: Great entertainment with good humour and excellent special FX. A must C!

Claire Nicole: Loved the special FX but the lovie dovie bit was too soppy.

Aruana Zeelie: Great ACTION movie. Don't try to read too much into this movie - it's for pure enjoyment. A bit long I would say and some of the camera work was a bit shoddy. Just about everything that could go wrong did go wrong! Steve Buscemi (Con Air, The Wedding Singer) and Billy Bob Thornton (Primary Colors, Sling Blade) was great. I would have liked to know how Thornton had gotten his bum leg though - this was never clarified. Good to see that Bruce Willis was willing to share so much screen time with Ben Affleck (the new generation) and that Liv Tyler actually played his DAUGHTER - this was truely an ensamble cast. Overall: pure escapism.

Don Bode: It may be a disaster movie produced with a known formula but this movie packs a punch second to none.

Ettiene Francis: A load of nonsense! I'll not recomend this movie to anyone. I expected more of it.

Willem Grobbelaar: You must go and see it!

Joe Alamar: OK but not enough reality.

Pete Venter: I really loved watching the movie and also had a few good laughs.

Jacques Boshoff: Not the best movie I have ever seen, and from what I heard I expected a lot more. Definitely not a movie I will remember for long!

Nicky Kate: It was brilliant.

Taryn Brundyn: BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Esti Shackleton: I loved it, especially the parts with Ben Afflik in it!

Fiona Parker: This movies keeps you glued to the screen. The story line is a bit shallow, but the non-stop action and laughs ensure that your interest level is constant. Well worth watching!

Rodger Taylor: Great stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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