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Can't Hardly Wait

Ain't I sweet? Another 'matric party' movie for teenagers and wannabes. The prettiest girl in school breaks up with her jock boyfriend on graduation day, opening the way for another guy who has loved her the past four years to make his move. It all comes together (or, falls apart) at the Final Party.

100 minutes, Parental guidance under 13.
Romance, Comedy, Drama.

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The Moviesite Fan Club comments
Shaun Myburg: Great fun from the opening credits all the way to the end. Great acting by some really up-and-coming young stars, lots of cameos and great one-liners. This movie makes you feel like you are actually hanging out with your own friends, only if it's your age-group of course. Hard to point out bad points to this one, just "Have Fun Go Mad"!

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