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There's Something About Mary

To die for, doll! This week's big release. The movie was a 'sleeper' in the US, creeping its way up the Top Ten instead of starting at the top like most smashes. Twelve years ago, a shy boy gets asked to the prom by the girl of his dreams. However, he screws up, and so the date never happens. Now, he hires a private detective to track her down. The detective also falls in love with her, bringing to 5 the number of men after Mary. Will true love triumph in the end?
Expect lots of off-colour humour.

119 minutes, No persons under 13 (Language).
Comedy, Romance.

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The Moviesite Fan Club comments
John Cullen: Thoroughly enjoyable - and she's a FOX !!!

Nicky Van Rooyen: Very funny - most enjoyable.

Laetitia Loubser: Won't see it twice... but not too bad to see it once. If you know the American way of life, there will be more laughs waiting for you. Just amazing how a weak kind of species men in America are.... Camaron Diaz makes a good impression. And Mums..believe the age restriction!

Liezel Blom: I couldn't stop laughing!!

Richard Blom: Great comedy!!!!!!

Shaun Myburg: Since I was in desperate need of some Christmas cheer, I decided to give the Farrelly brothers a chance of lifting my spirits. They did so in grand fashion! There's Something About Mary was an absoulte gem of a comedy. I laughed from beginning to end and really went along with the jokes because....well, because they were sickenly funny! Cameron Diaz is to die for as usual and there are strong performance by Stiller, Dillon and British comedian Lee Evans. Go see this one if you want to come out with a smile on your face... excuse the pun!

Roger Pike: Brilliant, off-colour humour continually attacks one's funny bone.

Catherine Jenkins: Too much swearing - age limit should be 16.

Madeleine Shama: I have never laughed so much in my whole life.......EXCELLENT movie!

Andrew Kinnear: Very funny, best I've seen in a long time, the most unsuspecting things happen.

Robert Haynes: If easily offended - avoid. If you want to p*ss yourself laughing at some truly irreverant and (thankfully) politically INCORRECT humour run out and catcht this laugh riot. Gross - sure ! Tacky - definitely ! Funny - You bet ! And a 13 age limit - the censors obviously dozed off or are getting hell of a lenient...

Gordon Ellison: Brilliant - wouldn't take my girlfriend though!

Tony Vain: A very refreshing comedy played with pzazz.

Marco Elorreaga: The funniest movie ever.

Annabel Cotton: Fantastic fun!!!!!!

Kecia Dotson: It was very funny.

Amanda Lane: Was a splendid movie, watched 4 times!!!!

Justine Downie: Brilliant movie!!

Rumbani du Mhango: I have never laughed so much at a movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My boyfriend even thought I was going mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dan Hart: Cool!


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