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John Carpenter's Vampires

Got anything to drink? The latest in the new-look vampire thrillers, which paints them as scum to be eliminated, not romantic lady-killers. Basically a bloody comedy which pits a vampire killer against the leader of the vampires, with the resultant skriks , gore and bloodfest. The vampire leader has a pretty ace up his sleeve which the vampire-slayer does not know about. Talk about fatal attraction...

107 minutes, No persons under 18 (Violence).
Horror, Thriller, Action, Comedy.

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The Moviesite Fan Club comments

Gordon Ellison: Gory, but no story.

Claire Nicole: Brilliento man!! You've got to love the way they tow the vampire into the sunlight and they burst into flames!!

Shaun Myburg: After a lengthy break from the movie scene, I decided Vampires would be my "comeback" film. This was a highly entertaining vampire romp that was a bit slow at times but kept you entertained. Another great performance from James Woods and a sleazy performance by the Baldwin they call Daniel. Thomas Ian Griffith gives a juicy performance as Vladic the master vampire. Where's Buffy when you you need her?!

Keith Shepard: Vampires is the awesomest movie!

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