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Never Been Kissed

Mission of the evening: Get a kiss! A 25-year-old, sharp-brained, wannabe reporter gets a career break and a chance to do high school over, when her first assignment is to go to high school undercover where she had such a miserable time before. And this time she does not fare any better trying to fit in. But with the help of her brother, she is quickly transformed from the ugly duckling to the most beautiful swan.
Will our heroine revert to her geeky ways or become prom queen? Will her cover be blown? And will she get her ultimate kiss?

107 minutes, All ages.
Comedy, Romance.

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The Moviesite Fan Club comments

Robert Haynes: Sweet enjoyable little coming of age comedy/drama. A bit self righteous, but Drew Barrymore has the ability to sparkle in any film - Entertaining

Marius Cronje: A very nice movie!

Ewald Beukes: Not that great.

Terence Brown: A typical love story with some comedy in it.

Guinevere Vos: Barrymore has proven she can do both comedy and romance in one. A great film.

Mandie Tilidetzke: I loved the movie.

Marie Wood: This film was so cool!

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