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Final Destination

Do you think this make-up is okay for the prom? A teenager about to take off with his classmates for a trip to France, has a premonition and is chucked off the plane. His premonition comes true. Initially relieved, he and the other survivors then become aware that Death is not satisfied and seeks them too - in as grisly a manner as possible...

97 minutes.
Drama, Thriller.

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The Moviesite Fan Club comments

Ian Douglas: This should appeal to the teenagers, those who loved "I Know What You Did Last Summer" and others of that ilk. It is not long into the movie before the viewer resigns himself to spending the rest of the film trying to guess who the next victim will be, and how they will be dispatched. Since the deaths are all extremely grisly (sensitive viewers be warned) it is a rather unpleasant game.

Rika-marie de Bruyn (15): This is the best movie I have ever seen. Way to go guys!

Shaun Myburg (21): Ok, we all know I am a sucker for teen slasher flicks...especially with a hot cast. Yet this one throws in the added pleasure of a decent script. I am still freaked by this movie, and will honeslty not see taking a flight in the same way...ever again. Devon Sawa and Ali Larter lead a cast of much potential with a stand out performance by Kerr Smith of Dawson Creek fame. Do yourself a favour and check out the official site too. Great stuff! Go See it!

Geert De Sutter (19): Excellent!

Clayton Petersen (28): Mildly entertaining and slightly drawn out. I also felt it very predictable, but I guess that is what one can expect from this type of movie. The big problem was the music, it was too in your face, in other words both the music and the movie was giving one big hints as to what would happen next.

Andre Szanda (18): I haven't seen anything better!

Guinevere Whelan (23): It's fun, scary and grissly - the way a teenage thriller/horror should be.

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