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Mmmm she's cute, pity about those pesky kids tho... Disney's latest animated feature which pushes the boundaries of the genre. Set in prehistoric times, we follow the adventures of a dinosaur raised by monkeys. When disaster strikes, they are forced to leave their island and seek a living on the mainland. They join up with a herd trekking to its nesting grounds, across a barren plain. Along the way he falls in love, as well as discovering his own identity.

82 minutes, All ages.
Family movie, Kiddie movie.

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The Moviesite Fan Club comments

Ian Douglas: After seeing the trailer, I was dying to see this film, prepared to be impressed like never before. I came away disillusioned. Yes, the artwork is without a doubt the best ever done for an animated feature, but it is not enough to carry the film for adult audiences. The film is let down by its plotline, which has been done too many times before - The Ugly Duckling, The Jungle Book, Tarzan, etc. The kids should enjoy it. Other factors which may work against it are the fact that the hero is not the cutest character on screen (a lovable dinosaur? come on...), his love affair with an unmarried mother of two, and the casting of some of the dinosaurs with distinctly Black American accents may be seen as racist stereotying. Opinions on the music vary.

Clayton Petersen (28): I tend to disagree with Ian. I think that some movies, like this one, should not be taken so seriously and over analysed. Sometimes it is good to just go and watch and enjoy, especially if the story line is Sci-Fi.

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