Alien Resurrection

The fourth film in the ''Alien'' trilogy? Two hundred years after sacrificing herself in a last ditch attempt to eradicate the Alien race (having been impregnated by them), Ripley is brought back to life by some scientists. (They did some fancy work with a bit of her DNA). The scientists, bless them, are working for the government who want the Aliens back (for some unexplained reason) and want to control them.

Of course, things go wrong and the Aliens have plans of their own - like taking over. Then it is up to Ripley - now with mixed emotions, being somewhat Alien herself - to deal with the situation. The plot has been summarised as ''a rag-tag team of misfits use their eccentric abilities to save their own skins and the world''.

Expect lots of Aliens - teeth and all - and lots of gory goo.

108 minutes.
No persons under 16 (Violence, Language) .
Action, Horror, Thriller, Comedy

Guess I was the last person you were expecting...
Guess I was the last person you were expecting...


Sigourney Weaver, Winona Ryder, Dominique Pinon, Ron Perlman, Gary Dourdan, Michael Wincott, Kim Flowers, and lots of monsters
Jean-Pierre Jeunet
ScreenplayJoss Whedon
MusicJohn C. Frizzell
Sound formatsDolby Digital, DTS
Made in1997
Produced byBrandywine Productions Ltd, 20th Century Fox

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Hannelie Appelgryn 14
Wesley Fong Chong 20
Robert Haynes 16
Bruce Humphrey 18
Neil Visser 18
Saun Nickelson 18
Wikus Hartzenberg18
Torgny Hylen 14
Paul van der Westhuizen 4

Average .. 78%


Visitor Comments

Shaun Myburg: Well, it seems that Horror/Sci Fi is back big time!! Alien Resurrection is by far the pick of the litter when it comes to this year's big flicks. Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet gives us an awesome view of the next generation of Aliens making them darker, more clever and more lethal than ever before. With enough surprises to keep you guessing, AR will not disappoint true fans of the series and should gain a whole new generation of fans who are getting there first Alien experience. Great fun!

Hannelie Appelgryn: Not as good as I expected but still worth seeing.

Wesley Fong Chong: I went, I saw, I Loved :) (especially Winona)

Robert Haynes: An almost perfect sci-fi horror were it not for the annoyingly joking performance of beast ''with and without makeup'' Ron Perlman. When will the studios realise that these types of films work much better when played straight? Perfect example : the scene where Ripley discovers her other clone sisters is a truly moving, disturbing and unsettling sequence... Perlman ends the great scene off by tossing in a completely sexist and gratuitous wisecrack. Nice to see Winona Ryder delivering a performance of sorts for a change though - she does tough bitch a lot better than little girl lost - see THE CRUCIBLE for another memorable RYDER performance. Sigourney Weaver is brilliant as always and quite literally this is her film and story. Don't get me wrong this is a stunningly crafted film but it just could have reached a new level of perfection had the unnecessarily mainstream humour been ejected from the script totally.

Bruce Humphrey: Brilliant! If you enjoy horror/science fiction go for it. See how long you can keep your popcorn and coke down!

Neil Visser: Good special effects.

Saun Nickelson: Very Good Movie

Paul van der Westhuizen: Oh Please! What do we keep ourselves busy with?

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