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Good Will Hunting

I feel a proper Charlie!
I feel a proper Charlie!
A poor young man, from the wrong side of the tracks, astounds the professors at a college where he works by solving a complex maths problem. However, due to his rough upbringing, he is rather violent, and ends up in trouble with the law. A kindly professor helps him out on condition that he gets some therapy. This he does, going through a series of shrinks before meeting his nemisis - a shrink with some baggage of his own.

These two men go through the usual male-bonding routine while they help each other sort out their respective lives.
The film comes in at number 26 on the IMDB Top 250.

126 minutes, No persons under 16 (Language)

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Robin Williams, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Minnie Driver
Gus Van Sant Jr.
ScreenplayBen Affleck, Matt Damon
MusicDanny Elfman
Sound formatsDolby Digital
SoundtrackNot available
Made in1997
Produced byBe Gentlemen Limited Partnership, Lawrence Bender Productions, Miramax Films

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Visitor Ratings
Hayedn Giger20
Bruce Humphrey14
Robert Haynes14
Neil Thompson18
Nicky Cronin16
Madeleine Shama16
Kerri Rust20
Samantha Wison18
Robert Dickens 20
Margaret Surgeon 18
Nadine Smith 18
Thomas Kruger 10
Paul van der Westhuizen 18
Eric Shao 20
Ed Tarleton 18
Average .. 86%17
Visitor Comments
Bruce Humphrey: A mediocre movie saved only by the enormous acting talent of Robin Williams.

Robert Haynes: Pish Tosh... Rather sentimental if you ask me... SWEET sums up this film quite nicely...nothing more...nothing less...but it sure 'aint an Oscar winner. My money's still on As Good As It Gets. Stunning performance from Mr Williams though. PS for all the fuss that's been made about the script...I honestly expected a hell of a lot more. Haven't we all seen this before ?

Neil Thompson: Really great movie. Good acting with a really brilliant script. Robin Williams at his best in a ''Dead Poet's Society'' clone role.

Madeleine Shama: I thought it was good but the use of language was a bit over exaggerated.. otherwise a brilliant film!

Kerri Rust: It's been said before, but what a script from 2 such young & inexperienced guys. It touched my soul!!

Samantha Wison: This is a truly fantastic movie which shows that you don't always need to be a pompous educated snoot to know about things that matter.

Robert Dickens: More than anything the ''Boston'' dialect and vivid characterisation, mark this as a film of rejoiced reality. Although the plot is simple and somewhat contrived; the illustration of it was intelligent and subtle. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, having written the script, could almost be seen to be living the roles they portrayed. Minnie Driver and Robin Williams added shadowing roles of emotional maturity and intellectual wisdom respectively. Watch this film for its vitality and wit!

Margaret Surgeon: Very good movie.

Thomas Kruger: No real depth where it was needed. But OK.

Paul van der Westhuizen: Great story by a great young actor. I see a bright future for Matt Damon. Film of the Year!!!!

Eric Shao: Excellent.

Ed Tarleton: Sit back and rejoice in the elegence and simplicity this film offers. Inspiring and original.

Good Will Hunting
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