The Big Hit

An action comedy crowd pleaser. Our hero, already involved with two women, has to kidnap a Japanese girl, who turns out to be his boss's goddaughter. Along the way they naturally fall in love while chaos reigns around them.
Reviews have been mixed.

91 minutes.
No persons under 16 (Language) .
Action, Comedy, Thriller
I hope this thing is loaded!
I hope this thing is loaded!


Mark Wahlberg, Lou Diamond Phillips, Christina Applegate, Avery Brooks, Bokim Woodbine, Danny Smith
Kirk Wong
ScreenplayBen Ramsey
MusicGraeme Revell
Sound formatsDolby Digital, Sony Dynamic Digital Sound
Made in1998
Produced byTriStar Pictures, Amen Ra Films, Zide-Perry Productions, Lion Rock

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Scale (Max)20

What the Critics say

Cape Argus
Peter Frost
The Cape Times
Michelle Saffer
The Star
Darryl Accone
Die Burger
Paul Blom
TV3 Screenplay
Barry Ronge
eye Weekly
Gemma Files
Box Office
Wade Major
Rough Cut
Marcus Sakey
Film Review
James Cameron-Wilson

Average .. 49%


Visitor Ratings

Scale (Max)20
Andrew McGuirk 14
Shaun Myburg 18
Isma Manitsa 10
Simon Richardson 1
Louise Parris 1
Robert Haynes 2

Average .. 38%


Visitor Comments

Andrew McGuirk: Very thrilling!

Shaun Myburg: Big on action, big on laughs and big on talent. This highly impressive actioner is the most fun you are going to have at a movie. Wahlberg throws in an enjoyable performance as Melvyn Smiley, and everyone's favourite Lou-Diamond Phillips role as Chico is highly entertaining. With people like John Woo and Wesley Snipes backing this film, you know it's gonna be ''A Big Hit''. Look out for an extremely funny skit about an outstanding video...and take note!

Isma Manitsa: Lame.

Simon Richardson: This was one of the worst films I have ever seen. I have never ever walked out of a film that I have paid to see or otherwise and I yet could not endure the mindless, cliched, pathetic dialogue and bad performances that composed this film. This was not a clever satire or spoof of action films and I am surprised at the ratings given on this page. This was an insult to the action film genre.

Louise Parris: The worst movie of the year. Walked out of the cinema after 20 minutes of sheer agony. Should be re-named The Big Shit. Mark Wahlberg has taken a step down since Boogie Nights and Lou Diamond Phillips is HATEFUL.. Don't see it - you'll be wasting money.

Robert Haynes: Go Simon Richardson - couldn't agree more - I also walked out of this mess after about 20 minutes. Very seldom does a film grate me to the extent that I vacate the cinema - but this one has the pleasure of being my first walkout of 1998 - BAAAAD - I'm also shocked at all the smiley-faces on this page - come on people.

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