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I Still Know What You Did Last Summer

How do you switch this axe on? Your typical sequel - more of the same, with the same killer after the same young woman. This time, she is on holiday in the Bahamas with some new friends. As a storm is approaching, most sensible people have left the island. Perfect time for the hook-wielding killer to come looking for her. Aimed at teenagers - girls who like to scream, and guys who like close-ups of cleavage.

100 minutes, No persons under 16 (Violence).
Horror, Mystery, Thriller.

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The Moviesite Fan Club comments

Shaun Myburg: A sequel...a sequel to a slasher film...food for the critics, however if you don't care what the critics say, you should really enjoy this film. Returning stars Hewitt and Prinze Jnr. show us how enjoyable a film of this type can be, Brandy makes a fine big screen debut, however she is no Sarah Michelle Gellar :-) Lots of scares to keep you biting your nails. Good holiday fare.

Russel Gerber: Great, thrilling & exciting.

Robert Haynes: CRAP...dead boring and utterly predictable "Friday the 13th" clone - they really are starting to kill this teen slasher genre - what started off as a solid albeit cliched film - the sequel to I Know bla bla bla ends up as a total mess more interested in showing off Love Hewitt's bouncy bits in tight tank tops than telling any story. Brandy should stick to rapping or whatever it is she does well? Cause it sure 'aint acting. I like HORROR films not SLASHER films - I want to be scared and disturbed - not JUMP and LAUGH - bring on the re-release of Texas Chainsaw Massacre please !!!

Phillipa Wilson: Way narrly and totally scarey man!

Ina Van Molendorff: Cool.

Claudette Von Holdt: Exellent!

Nadia Venter: It's very scary and I did't like eating afterwards!

Offek Hemo: Should have more effects.

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