The Matrix

Our hero is searching cyberspace for a legendary figure known as Morpheus who holds the secret of the Matrix. This elaborate mystery involves artificial intelligence, human babies harvested to feed computers, and biomechanically enhanced rebels who can quickly upload martial arts programs. Despite an inappropriate romance, the directors have created some of the most unrivaled and imaginative sci-fi in years.

136 minutes.
No persons under 10 (Violence) .
Thriller, Action
Do you like my drop-dead look?
Do you like my drop-dead look?


Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, Carrie-Ann Moss, Hugo Weaving, Gloria Foster
Andy Wachowski, Larry Wachowski
ScreenplayAndy Wachowski, Larry Wachowski
MusicDon Davis
CinematographyBill Pope
Sound formatsDolby Digital, Sony Dynamic Digital Sound, DTS
Made in1999
Produced byVillage Roadshow Productions, Groucho II Film Partnership, Silver Pictures

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Scale (Max)20

What the Critics say

Cape Argus
Bianca Coleman
Cape Argus
Adrian Monteath
The Cape Times
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The Star
Janine Walker
Die Burger
Roline Norval
Sunday Times
Barry Ronge
Barrie Hough
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What the People say

5413 Netizens

Average .. 69%


Visitor Ratings

Scale (Max)20
John Cullen 20
Gordon Ellison 20
Armien Baradien 20
Ian Rudden 20
Aruana Zeelie 16
Vanessa Govender 20
Justin Weber 16
James Etherington 18
jason mellet 18
Cindy van Niekerk 20
Petie Marx 16
Marc Greyvenstein 19
Jimmy Jocelyn 10
Kobus Wolvaardt 20
Don Bode 18
Adriaan Fourie 20
Vanessa Govender 20
Stephanie Dippenaar 20
Doogi 20
Pierre van Dyk 19
Anton Peters 20
Jacques Wilkinson 18
Jamie Oldfield 20
Indhran Pillay 20
Adrienne de Waal 20
Hannes Viljoen 16
James Wilson 20
Lee Man 12
Kezia Coetzee 18
Mark Murray 20
Kevin Gale 20
Rowan McDonald 20
Jurie Wessels 20
Jacques Boshoff 18
Jacob Rendel 18
Neo Age 20
Debbie Ross 10
Nicky Niemann 20
Robert Shaw 20
Robert Haynes 16
Bill Conte 20
Greg Pentz 16
Riaan Singh 1
Douglas Minnaar 20
Jackie Dunlop 14
Chris Shao 18
Brent Tee 18
Isobel Whitfield 20
Marlene Meyer 20
Andre Swanepoel 20
Llewellyn Bok 16
Charlotte Wagner 20
Jorge Alvsres 20

Average .. 90%


Visitor Comments

Kurt Dyers: I think that's what a featuristic movie should be like...smoking!

John Cullen: Superb - action, adventure and mind blowing.

Gordon Ellison: Brilliant plot, amazing special effects, fantastic acting; what more can I say?

Armien Baradien: Awesome!

Ian Rudden: Sure to become a legend.

Aruana Zeelie: I loved this movie! The set-up takes a while, but the end result makes it worth the while. Yes, the designs and Special Effects are great, but the story was what got to me. I could see there were people in the movie going like 'HUH!', but I got it! Not for kiddies. This is a thinking Sci-Fi movie. I want to see it again.

Vanessa Govender: One of the most fantastic movies I've ever seen. Kept me totally enthralled.

Justin Weber: One of the coolest movies ever!

Cindy van Niekerk: The best movie I have ever seen and the special effects was incredible!

Petie Marx: Great sci-fi - would make a great television series.

Marc Greyvenstein: Let's forget the fact that Keanu Reeves doesn't usually deliver Oscar winning performances. This movie is so good, he doesn't need to. The action, fightscenes and stunts, are for lack of a better word, brilliant!

Jimmy Jocelyn: I think this movie was great and I would to see others like it, it had a lot to do with the year 2000 that's what made it interesting to me.

Kobus Wolvaardt: Great story and great effects.

Adriaan Fourie: Excellent and intense right to the end.

Vanessa Govender: One of the most brilliant sci-fi movies. Fast paced and thrilling.

Stephanie Dippenaar: Absolutely the best and most believable movie I have ever seen. A perfect mixture of thrills and fiction.

Doogi: Amazing.

Anton Peters: This was such a good movie, I went into silence afterwards and knew that the writer is an artist. This is not really what I usually enjoy watching, but I was so impressed that I have to see it again.

Jacques Wilkinson: Excellent stuff.

Bob: It was the best film ever!

Jamie Oldfield: Finally a movie with actors that meet the requirements for such a great film. This movie was great all the way through.

Adrienne de Waal: Wow! I definitely want to see the movie that tops this one. I've seen it twice already and something keeps drawing me back to it. I constantly think about seeing it again. Who knows, maybe it's closer to the bone than what we think.

James Wilson: Mind Blowing.

Lee Man: Way too unrealistic.

Kevin Gale: Wow! Amongst the 'skop, skiet en donder' there's actually a story line that makes you wonder whether you really are alive or living in a dreamworld. The movie was so good that I had to see it again and I'm currently considering seeing it one more time. Definately the best movie of this century, unfortunately dwarfed by the good name of Star Wars. Still secretly hoping Matrix wins more awards at the Oscars.

Rowan McDonald: The most amazing, confusing, interesting, mind blowing science fiction movie ever! Brilliant fighting scenes. Good action and special effects!

Jurie Wessels: Excellent

Jacques Boshoff: One of the best movies I have ever seen. Brilliant!

Jacob Rendel: Pretty damn good!

Neo Age: Superb!

Debbie Ross: I have seen it three times.

Nicky Niemann: Excellent.

Robert Shaw: Excellent.

Robert Haynes: Not being the worlds greatest Keanu (duh - I really can act) Reeves fanatic I went to this one with some trepidation but was very pleasantly surprised. An interesting and somewhat subversive plot and beautiful editing and cinematography make this one of the more memorable sci-fi movies in a while. Although the plot was hardly what you would call a brain buster it did reek of intellectualism which is a real treat for moviegoers who want some brains along with their bang. The ever enigmatic Laurence Fishbourne and newcomer Carrie-Ann Moss also save Keanu's ass in the performance department...GOOD SHOW GUYS!

Bill Conte: A standard setting film.

Greg Pentz: An original twist to the VR genre.

Riaan Singh: A load of crap!

Dion Scher: I just want to mention that it is by far the best Sci-Fi movie I have seen this year. For those who enjoyed movies like Dark City this one is an absolute treat. As far as I'm concerned, Matrix is an absolute MUST SEE!

Douglas Minnaar: Awesome!

Jackie Dunlop: Good. A little hard to understand but the second time through I understood it better.

Brent Tee: The must see Sci-Fi flick of the year.

Isobel Whitfield: The Matrix is definitely one of the best movies I've seen. Excellent special effects, great acting, and a novel idea which I think is not implausible.

Marlene Meyer: At some stage this movie reminds you of Alien - Resurrection.

Andre Swanepoel: Simply outstanding.

Llewellyn Bok: Excellent special effects.

Charlotte Wagner: The only reason I've seen this movie 4 times is that it went off circuit, I'm itching to see it again. It is quite outstanding in that it made me think about what's really going on. They say you either ''get'' Keanu Reeves or you don't. I get him and I think he's the coolest man on the planet. His subtle and nuanced performance is in perfect counterpoint with the unusual action, special effects and innovative story.

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