The Quarry

Based on a South African novel, and set 'somewhere on the West coast', this film takes a look at life in a small town. It examines issues like the criminal justice system and racism. A man on the run is picked up by a minister on his way to his new posting. They travel together, until the minister makes a romantic move, which leads to his death. The hitchhiker takes his place and impersonates him as the new minister. However, a break-in into the stolen vehicle leads the cops closer to him than he would like.

112 minutes.
Drama, On the Art Circuit
I wish I had a name!
I wish I had a name!


John Lynch, Jonny Phillips, Oscar Peterson, Sylvia Esau, Jody Abrahams, Serge-Henry Valcke
Marion Hansel
ScreenplayDamon Galgut, Marion Hansel
MusicTakashi Kako
CinematographyBernard Lutic
Sound formatsDolby Digital
Made in1998


Scale (Max)20

What the Critics say

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Ian Douglas
Cape Argus
Gary van Dyk
Cape Argus
Adrian Monteath
The Star
Joanna Walus
Die Burger
Gabriël Botma
Sunday Times
Barry Ronge

Average .. 16%


Visitor Comments

Ian Douglas: The film tries but does not really succeed. Part of the reason may be that the book does not have the classic Hollywood film structure, which means that the film continues after it should have ended. It seemed to me as if the actors put the emphasis on the wrong parts of their sentences. There is some Afrikaans dialogue which is subtitled -- badly. Also, the continuous use of English in what was patentedly an Afrikaans community did not really make sense.

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