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The Blair Witch Project

Why are you standing in the corner like that?...
Why are you standing in the corner like that?...
The story about three teenagers who went to the woods in Maryland, to shoot a documentary on THE BLAIR WITCH. They were never seen again and people started believing that they were the latest victims of the Blair witch. One year later their footage was found, and their disappearance was declared a mystery.

80 minutes.
Horror, Thriller

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Heather Donahue, Michael C. Williams, Joshua Leonard
Daniel Myrick, Eduardo Sanchez
ScreenplayDaniel Myrick, Eduardo Sanchez
MusicTony Cora
CinematographyNeal Fredericks
Sound formatsDolby Digital
SoundtrackNot available
Made in1999
Produced byHaxan Films(

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Visitor Ratings
Lee Landman 16
Joy Thorpe 1
Gillian Marcon 10
Guinevere Vos 14
Chris Shao 1
Bruce Humphrey 2
Chis Shao 1
Melanie Jansen van Rensburg (19) 20
Francois Smit (18)16
Carolina Retamal 20
Average .. 51%10
Visitor Comments
Ian Douglas: The film is preceded by a great deal of hype. In my humble opinion, it failed to live up to the hype. I found it more disturbing and irritating than terrifying. The woman is the most anal-retentive person I have ever come across.

Shaun Myburg (21): Having seen this movie over a month ago, it would be interesting to see how SA responds to it, personally I rather enjoyed it, I thought it was fresh and exciting and next to the classis Poltergeist ranks in my fave horrors, perhaps the hype may have ruined the movie a bit, however it will still scare audiences and hopefully they will leave the cinema disturbed.

Lee Landman (31): It will awaken your primal fear of the dark, a fear we learn to put to sleep in our formitive years. The feeling of isolation especially in todays wired world is also alarming.

Joy Thorpe (45): Most annoying and unpleasant recreation of events which could have been an intriguing documentary if selectively edited and presented with commentary regarding any investigations, findings, or conclusions drawn following the disappearance.

Gillian Marcon (27): I was disappointed in the movie, the hype really was better than the movie. Scary, yes; terrifying not really.

Guinevere Vos (22): This film is a perfect example of how hype can destroy a film - it was ok, not the mind-blowing horror it is made out to be though.

Chris Shao: Sigh... a bunch of totally ''mixed up'' people. God bless America.

Bruce Humphrey (44): Incredibly over-hyped movie. I was expecting the cheap video to finish so that the story could follow-up what happened to the expedition or else I would have walked out and demanded a refund!

Chis Shao (25): God bless America.

Melanie Jansen van Rensburg (19): Great stuff !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carolina Retamal 15: The blair witch project is the best,(forever)the best!!

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The Blair Witch Project

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