This is the story of Javi, Manu and Rai's neighbourhood. They are three boys who live in the south of Madrid, where there is not enough money, the possibilities are limited and life is hard. Javi, Manu and Rai live a difficult age, an age of discovery. This summer they want to enjoy their first sexual experience, their first job or a trip to the beach, which they have only ever seen on TV. Their greatest adventures are getting in trouble with the police and Rai's greatest passion (which he would never admit) is a girl, Javi's sister, who he has never had a proper conversation with.
The boys enjoy their games and pass the time of this long, boring a hot summer hanging out in their neighbourhood and having endless talks about life but they know that they have reached a time to make decisions, prove their loyalty to each other and even lie to relieve their troubled lives. This summer will change their lives. Nothing will ever be the same, except for their neighbourhood.
We regret the lack of foreign ratings. Spanish with English subtitles.

97 minutes.
No persons under 16 (Language) .
Drama, On the Art Circuit
All together now: If we ever get out of here...
All together now: If we ever get out of here...


Críspulo Cabezas, Eloi Yebra, Timy Benito, Alicia Sánchez
Fernando León de Aranoa
ScreenplayFernando León de Aranoa
Sound formats
Made in1998


Scale (Max)20

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Ian Douglas
Cape Argus
Aldrin Naidu
The Cape Times
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The Star
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Ian Douglas: A slice-of-life / coming-of-age movie aimed squarely at teenage boys, which probably did well in its native Spain. Problem is, this film is on the art circuit, which is avoided by teenagers. It is kinda thin on the storyline, being mostly ''the adventures of three poorish 15 year old boys one summer holiday''. All their families are having problems, and they are bored, and so get up to various bits of mischief. The dialogue is frequently funny, if rather crude.

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