In this latest examination of the male midlife crisis (See American Beauty, Analyze This), our hero decides he has had enough of the family business: hitman for hire. He starts visiting a psychologist, where he meets a pretty young thing and is soon infatuated. His whole life has been planned for him by his domineering father, and he feels unable to stand up to him. However, when he learns that his father has started teaching his young son how to shoot and kill, and he gets a contract to kill his own psychologist, things quickly come to a head.

90 minutes.
No Persons under 16 .
Drama, On the Art Circuit
Ho hum. Another boring day at work...
Ho hum. Another boring day at work...


William H. Macy, John Ritter, Neve Campbell, Donald Sutherland, Tracey Ullman, Barbara Bain
Henry Bromell
ScreenplayHenry Bromell
MusicBrian Tyler
CinematographyJeff Jur
Sound formatsDolby SR
Made in2000
Produced byArtisan Entertainment, Mad Chance, The Vault, Tin Toy Productions LLC


Scale (Max)20

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Ian Douglas
Cape Argus
Len Ashton
Cape Argus
Rafiek Mammon
The Star
Janine Walker
Die Burger
Francois Smith
Mariana Malan
Sunday Times
Barry Ronge
SA City Life
Tony Jackman
James Berardinelli

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Average .. 58%


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Scale (Max)20
Robin Golden (25) 16
Theo Landey (26) 14
Jaco van der Merwe (32) 16

Average .. 77%


Visitor Comments

Ian Douglas: A rather dark comedy, more of an adult drama really. It's on the art circuit, and will not appeal to a younger audience, even though it features Neve Campbell getting topless (IIRC).

Robin Golden (25): Not your typical criminal-who-isn't movie. Some very interesting ideas around nurture vs. nature. Ends strongly and leaves you thinking.

Theo Landey (26): A very slow and enjoyable tale of a man driven to face his true cause of unhappiness once the only true cause of his happiness is threatened (read that again, in case you missed it) Considering the poor writing, I think the actors handled it very well. Macy has such an unique delivery that one never knows whether to laugh or cry at his sadness. Neve Campbell is her usual quirky self, never quite understood her motivation for opening her doors to strangers - but it was Macy's story anyway - so why wonder? Tracey Ullman was okay and was the kid - seemed to be anticipating the end from the start. Sutherland was excellent and you wanted him dead from the moment he sat bent over his food in the first scene. Overall I liked this movie, but felt that no one was really trying - it seemed like the movie should have been called 'don't panic'

Jaco van der Merwe (32): Finely nuanced performances all around, and a refreshingly non-Hollywood treatment of the plot with a powerful ending.

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