Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

A faithful adaptation of the first Harry Potter novel, we pick up with Harry living a Cinderella existence under terrible conditions. However, all is not lost, as he learns of his occult powers, and is soon off to Wizard school. There he makes some new friends -- and meets some enemies -- including the baddie who killed his parents a few years back. The film broke all the box office records in its US opening weekend. While an ideal family film, parents with little kiddies should note the long running time.

152 minutes.
Parental Guidance .
Mystery, Family movie, Kiddie movie
Damn. Girls are always better at this stuff than me!
Damn. Girls are always better at this stuff than me!


Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, John Cleese, Robbie Coltrane, Warwick Davis, Richard Griffiths, Richard Harris
Chris Columbus
ScreenplaySteven Kloves, from the novel by J.K. Rowling
MusicJohn Williams
CinematographyJohn Seale
Sound formatsDolby EX 6.1
Made in2001
Produced byHeyday Films, Warner Bros.

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Kelly Green (43)20
Anna-Maree Cudlipp (46) 16
Dion Scher (27)18
Itay Cederbaum (12) 20
Stefan Peter (24) 16
Maxie Venter (18) 20
Niel Fourie (14) 18
Colleen Swart (40) 18
Vid Gobac (10) 20
Sofija Popov 20
Sarah Herbert 16
Geoff Bonney 20
Martin Neethling 8
Garry Sinefelt (13) 4
Andreas Lupp (20) 14

Average .. 83%


Visitor Comments

Kelly Green (43): Brilliant. I enjoyed it so much I have decided to watch it several times in the future, my three children have all wanted to become little wizards and I encourage that sort of influence. Hope you watch the movie and read the book. It's worth it!!!

Anna-Maree Cudlipp (46): This movie was enjoyable for both children and adults alike.

Dion Scher (27): A magnificent magical spectacle expertly portraying the book. A must for all Harry Potter and Fantasy fans.

Itay Cederbaum (12): It is the best movie I have ever seen in my life!

Stefan Peter (24): Magical movie making at its best. This year's highly anticipated film is everything and so much more.

Maxie Venter (18): It's the Best Movie!!

Niel Fourie (14): I really enjoyed the film. It's the sort of movie the whole family can go and see and really enjoy. One con though,

as I went to watch the 8: 00 movie, I was amazed to see that every child in their was sleeping during the film. Still an excellent film!!

Colleen Swart (40): This is a magic story. I am a book worm and collected the series for myself. I managed to get my 12 year old son to read for the first time ever. We both saw the movie and it was an excellent portrayal of the book. The characters and sets were just as we imagined them to be. We look forward to the next epidsode.

Sofija Popov (10): I love the movie. It's my favourite movie.My favourite caracter is Harry.Then Hermonie.I also really like Hagrid.

Sarah Herbert (13): It was a great show but I think it should have been a series of shows because too much of the book was cut out

Geoff Bonney (61): Amazingly faithful to the book, with absolutely superb casting.Only a couple of trivial characteristics differed from how I perceived things while reading it.I was particularly impressed by the portrayal of Gringotts' Bank.

Martin Neethling (20): I thought young adults would be able to watch this but it is really a kiddie movie. I suppose the kiddies will love it, but adults will hate it.

Garry Sinefelt (13): Need better spesial affects.

Andreas Lupp (20): Finally! a real fairytale, with all its magic. During the last ten years fairytales have somewhat fallen victim to the hip-hop generation, the characters had to have 'cool' lines and the music had to be trendy. Not so here as the story is told in the way it was probably inteded to, a classic way. The cast is wonderful and the story is focused, to make this a refreshingly classic picture in my opinion.

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