Mr Bones

Our hero is a traditional African diviner, who was adopted by the tribe as a child and raised as one of their own, even though he was white. The king is getting old and without a male heir. Luckily, the diviner informs the king that he actually does have a son from a previous extra-marital encounter. The king then sends the diviner to find his son, and the action shifts to Sun City, where the diviner thinks the son is taking part in the Million Dollar golf challenge. After kidnapping his suspect and bringing him back to the village, the diviner realises he has made a small mistake...

108 minutes.
All ages.
These things never get the lottery numbers correct...
These things never get the lottery numbers correct...


Leon Schuster, David Ramsay, Faizon Love, Jane Benney, Robert Whitehead, Michael de Pinna, Fem Belling
Gray Hofmeyr
ScreenplayLeon Schuster, Greg Latter, Gray Hofmeyr
MusicJulian Wiggins
CinematographyBuster Reynolds
Sound formatsDolby Digital, SDDS
Made in2000
Produced byIcon Entertainment International, Kintop Pictures, Road Movies Filmproduktion


Scale (Max)20

What the Critics say

Cape Argus
Aldrin Naidu
Die Burger
Hannelie Booyens
Sunday Times
Barry Ronge

Average .. 25%


Visitor Ratings

Scale (Max)20
Mariska Harding (20)18
Paul Felix (33) 18
Colleen Swart (40) 8
Jan Botha (14)16
Theunis Erasmus (33) 20
Marcus Weinreich (42) 6
Isma Manitsa (28) 10
Adriaan Coetzee (29) 10
Duane Bridger (34) 12
Christo Stemmet (35) 18
Vid Gobac (10) 20
Marina Vorster (26) 16
Bronwyn Dreyer (9) 18
Evert Nel 1
Amos Maphosa (21) 16
Bongie Timile (31) 18
Sanele Jobe (19) 20
Allen Dale (22) 20
Eva Barbara (49) 8
Zandile Mtshali (16) 18
Brian Ramcharen (30) 18
Nico Bester (20) 8
Morena B. Tladi (22) 20
Jennifer Kelly (16) 16

Average .. 74%


Visitor Comments

Paul Felix (33): I thought it was great movie. SA's movie industry does not have a budget like Hollywood does, and granted some of the stunts could have been better, but overall -- great story, good acting and extremely funny. I bet a lot of ex-pat South Africans will enjoy it nevertheless. I will go out and watch it for a second time. In future, if the critics give it less than 30%, I'll make a point of watching it. On second thoughts, I'll decide what to watch -- what do critics know???

Colleen Swart (40): Same old jokes, overacted most of the time. A few new faces with potential. Not a movie I would recommend to my clique of friends, however, a movie that kids would enjoy.

Marcus Weinreich (42): Typical South African Slapstic Humor. It could definitely be more intelligent and believeable. Comedy should be funny but believeable situations, not contrived dialogue and imbicile characters which are not even substantial (even though they may be original).

Isma Manitsa (28): Not as entertaining as his previous movies.

Duane Bridger (34): Slapstick but a good laugh for the holidays! The kids have seen it 3 times.

Christo Stemmet (35): You can just sit back and enjoy the movie. Good South African movie.

Marina Vorster (26): This was an good movie, one would never believed that Leon Schuster could play a role like that. Very good!

Evert Nel: Toilet humour, in very bad taste. It is the lowest form of movie entertaiment that one could possibly get.

Amos Maphosa (21): Unpredictable outcomes and cool to watch with whole family.

Bongie Timile (31): It's hilarious, it's all I can say, goodstuff Leon!

Sanele Jobe (19): It has a lot off funny parts and the jokes are spoken out loudly.

Allen Dale (22): This is Schuster at his very best. Wow the guy has really really outdone himself this time. I've watched the film about 13 times and I want to watch it again....Thats coming from someone whose never watched a film twice at the cinema....sure the comedy is a bit vulgar...but hey this isn't a film to be taken too seriously..thats the problem with the critics...they're taking this film way too seriously. South Africans love their Schuster and this is what we want....the box office record proves this.

Eva Barbara (49): Could have been a great movie, because it is original and has a good story - if it didn't have all this repetitive and overdone toilet humour. This degraded the movie.

Brian Ramcharen (30): I had the pleasure of watching this movie in Sun City with my wife and we both coulndt stop laughing. This was a straight slapstick comedy that made our faces hurt. I cant wait to buy the DVD.

Morena B. Tladi (22): This is the best of Leon, and the best in the comedy stream world wide, Leon, Keep it up, Yebo!!

Jennifer Kelly (16): It was one of the funniest movies I have ever seen I could not stop laught and it had humor in comparison to George of the Jungle only it was done much better.

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