Luv Ka The End

Luv will hurt!

Luv Ka The End
Although the plotline bears a resemblance to ''John Tucker Must Die,'' this Bollywood movie is apparently not based on it. On the eve of her eighteenth birthday, a young woman discovers that the guy she is in love with is not as nice as she thought he was. This was a serious downer as they had planned to take their relationship to the 'next level' on her birthday. Instead, she joins together with her friends to teach him a lesson, and in the process they learn a few things themselves. In Hindi language with English subtitles.

Comedy, Romance, Bollywood.
One for all and all for one!
One for all and all for one!


Shraddha Kapoor, Taaha Shah, Shenaz Treasurywala, Errol Marks, Meherzan Mazda, Sreejita De
ScreenplayShenaz Treasurywala, Roye Seagal, Anshish Patil
MusicRam Sampath
CinematographyAdil Afsar
EditingSaurabh Kulkarni
Sound formats
Made in2011
Produced byY-Films

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