Meet Prince Charming

Meet Prince Charming Jack and Samantha are two feuding neighbours, but when Samantha's best friend, Jennifer, buys her a membership into an on-line dating service, she submits to a series of disasterous dates.

Meanwhile, Jack's sister has decided that he needs a woman in his life and persuades him to sign up for the same dating service. The dating service allows customers to meet one another by watching videos of each other and communicating via e-mail code names.

By sheer chance, Samantha and Jack pick the same acronym, TPL. Jack's forced to use the acronym TPL-1 and without seeing Samantha's video he sends her a message. The two arrange a date and find there is truth in the saying that hate and love are closely entwined.


CastTia Carrere, David Charvet
DirectorBrett Parker
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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