Funny Games

Funny Games It is the start of the holiday. Anna, George and their young son Georgie travel to their idyllic lakeside house. Their neighbours, Fred and Eva, are already there. They have arranged to play golf together the next day. The weather is superb.

While father and son are rigging up their freshly overhauled sailing boat, Anna prepares supper. Suddenly Peter, a young, evidently well-bred guest of their neighbours, is standing at the front door asking Anna for a few eggs, explaining that Eva has started cooking and run out of eggs.

Anna willingly complies with his request, then stopping abruptly she asks how he has entered their property. Peter replies that there is a hole in the fence which Fred had shown him...

Slightly bizarre events, followed by violence and then, finally, the rescue -- such is the classic formula of the thriller genre and the precondition for its easy consumption.

For Anna, George and their young son the holidays begin as in the traditional thriller genre; by the end everything has changed.

FUNNY GAMES is Michael Haneke's new film and his most radical work to date on his central theme of violence and the media.

Foreign language with English subtitles.

16 No persons under 16 (Violence)
106 minutes

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CastSusanne Lothar, Ulrich Mühe, Arno Frisch, Frank Giering, Stefan Clapczynski
DirectorMichael Haneke
Formats VHS
SA DistributorSter-Kinekor Home Video

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