Enemy Of The State

Enemy Of The State Hot Hollywood Favourite Will Smith (Men In Black, Independence Day) stars with two-time Academy Award Winner Gene Hackman in a high-powered suspense thriller where nonstop action meets cutting-edge technology! Robert Clayton Dean (Smith) is a successful Washington, D.C. attorney who -- without his knowledge -- is given a video that ties a top official of the National Security Agency (Oscar winner** Jon Voight)-- to a political murder!
Instantly, every aspect of Dean's once-normal life is targetted by a lethal team of skilled NSA surveillance operatives, who wage a relentless, ultrahigh-tech campaign to discredit him and retrieve the incriminating evidence! Also featuring Regina King (Jerry Maguire, Boyz 'N The Hood) in an impressive, star studded cast -- get ready for the action to explode as Dean desperately races to reclaim his life and prove his innocence... before it's too late!

No Persons Under 13 No Persons Under 13 (Language, Violence)
127 minutes

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CastWill Smith, Gene Hackman
DirectorTony Scott
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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