Tycus The world is nearing the millenium, with a vengeance. Earthquakes, volcanoes and heat waves are record in number. The usually scorching hot deserts of Africa are coated with thin membranes of snow.

Journalist JAKE LOWE is sent to investigate a suspicious mining company spending billions burrowing into a mountain. After a low, radar-avaoiding flight with the eccentric and wonderfully cheap pilot COMMANDER SCOTT, the ex-army reserve Jake parachutes through the arctic air onto Archangel mountain intent on uncovering the mystery. Inside the mountain is an underground city of epic proportions, stretching for stories above and below.

JAke scurries into an elaborate ventilation system. It is here that he learns of TYCUS, a comet twice the size of Earth, hurtling towards us with mind blowing speed. Jake also learns that this underground city is a modern day Noah's Ark, built by a scientific visionary, PETER CRAWFORD, in an attempt to save a small group of humans and technology, to live out the devastating effects of the comet.

Suddenly, alarms go off as the rest of the world finds out abot the coming apocalypse. The secret is out and it won't be long before the mountain's location will be out in the open. With the entire underground community trying to keep Jake from leaving and the whole world trying to get in, Jake must collect his family and return to the mountain before the comet passes, scorching the earth and erasing all the life upon it.

pg Parental Guidance
90 minutes


CastDennis Hopper, Peter Onarati, Finola Hughes
DirectorJohn Putch
Formats VHS
SA DistributorSter-Kinekor Home Video

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