The Godson

The Godson Mob boss Sunny Calzone was tough, real tough. He had been shot, stabbed, hit by a truck and thrown from a fifty foot building only to meet his maker when he tripped over his own shoelace.
Now his bumbling, warm-hearted brother, Guiseppe 'the Guppy' Calzone (Kevin McDonald), has been thrust into the ultimate position of power. He is head of the Calzone family.
Guppy's aging father (Dom DeLuise) knows that this is a serious problem. Guppy's not cut out for treachery, loan-sharking, leg-breaking, and murder. In fact he cries when he gets a rug burn. But, the once omnipotent Calzone family is in decline and Guppy is their only hope. So off Guppy goes to Mafia University to master the art of tough-talking, strong-arming and womanizing.
Can Guppy restore the Calzone family to power, fend off his enemies, win the heart of the girl he loves, and finally lose his viginity?

No Persons Under 13 No Persons Under 13 (Violence)
96 minutes


CastRodney Dangerfield, Dom DeLuise, Kevin McDonald
DirectorBob Hoge
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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