Blast From The Past

Blast From The Past Adam's bizarre upbringing was the result of a major tactical mistake. In the midst of the fearsome Cuban Missile Crisis, the Webbers witnessed a blast they thought must be the Big One, but was actually a plane crashing into their yard. So they disappear to their elaborately engineered bomb shelter to wait out the half-life of radioactive contamination.

For 35 years, Adam was raised on Jackie Gleason re-runs, Perry Como records and dreams about life on the surface.

While his father taught him about science, baseball and avoiding Communists, his mother taught him about dancing, manners and charming girls.

Meanwhile, he waited and waited for a chance to see the sky. When the time-triggered locks on the Webber's shelter at last open, Adam is sent out to replenish supplies and find a nice, non-mutant girl in order to re-populate the world with upstanding citizens.

pg Parental Guidance
112 minutes

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CastBrendan Frasier, Alicia Silverstone
DirectorHugh Wilson
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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