New World Disorder

New World Disorder Late one night in the heart of a Silicon Valley software design firm, two engineers put the finishing touches to their brilliant new program, The Rosetta Stone, an unbreakable encryption security program that will make them kings of the computer age. But, Kurt Bishop, a high-tech, low-tolerance software pirate, storms in with a plan to hijack a load of memory chips. He stumbles across the ingenious program that he knows will net him billions and guns down one of the designers to get it.

Enter hardened veteran detective David Marx, nicknamed 'Coroner' for his dogged attachment to dead cases. Not one for protocol, he assigns himself to the case and immediately clashes with Kris Paddock, a cocky, brainy computer espionage agent with the FBI, more interesteed in virtual felonies than old-fashioned murder investigations. Following Max's instincts and Kris' electronic trails, a cat and mouse game ensues as Bishop races to get his hands on the missing codes... and stay one step ahead of his pursuers.

13 No persons under 13 (Violence)
90 minutes


CastAndrew McCarthy, Tara Fitzgerald, Rutger Hauer
DirectorR.C. Spence
Formats VHS
SA DistributorSter-Kinekor Home Video

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