Hollywood Safari

Hollywood Safari It's a jungle out there when a deadly lion attacks a teenage boy deep in the woods. After jumping out of a truck on the way to a movie set, Kensho, a trained mountain lion, is mistaken for a killer lion. Kensho wanders off into the woods leaving an unsuspecting team of animal trainers to arrive at the location only to find that she has escaped.

Troy, a respected animal trainer, his wife Jane and their two sons are beside themselves as they return to the animal compound and hear reports of a mountain lion's capture. Their worst fears come true as they discover that Kensho is believed to be the mad lion.

all All Ages
85 minutes


CastDon ''The Dragon'' Wilson, John Savage, Ted Dan Roberts, David Leisure, Debby Boone
DirectorHenri Charr
Formats VHS
SA DistributorSter-Kinekor

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