Shaded Places

Shaded Places Best friends from high school, a group of four young men and five young women have lost contact over the decade since their graduation. None of them, however, have lost contact with Emily.

Emily sends a letter to each of the friends requesting them to meet her at her cabin in a small mountain town of Northern California. The first night, everybody shows up except for Emily.

That night, while they are asleep, Emily shows up. What the sleeping friends don't realise is that the action Emily is soon to take before sunrise will dramatically change the course of their weekend and force them to look at their crumbling bonds of friendship and at life in general in a frightfully different way.


CastChristina Applegate, Justin Lazard, Johnathon Scheach, Moon Zappa, Paul Gleason, Molly Ringwald
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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