Countdown To Chaos

Countdown To Chaos Action fever hurtless to fateful climax in Countdown to Chaos, an explosive suspense thriller that chronicles the massive devastation that occurs when the world's computers fail. The moment of truth has come for Nick Cromwell, a federal computer scientist, and disaster has struck!

The United States' computers begin to crash causing a destructive chain reaction that threatens the entire world with total chaos. Automobiles won't start, medical equipment goes haywire and electricity is wiped out as millions of innocent people run into life-threatening situations. But the worst is yet to come: a nuclear power plant is in jeopardy and Nick has only minutes to solve the systems failure before a cataclysmic meltdown occurs!

all All Ages
84 minutes


CastKen Olin, Joe Morton, Kate Vernon, Lauren Tom, Zack Ward, Jane McGregor, Ronny Cox
DirectorDick Lowry
Formats VHS
SA DistributorSter-Kinekor

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