Miracle On The Mountain

Miracle On The Mountain Tom Kincaid (William Devane) is a wealthy businessman. But as a father, he is a failure, whose overbearing ways have alienated his teenage children, Rick (Kaj-Erik Eriksen) and Susan (Natasha Melnick).

To bring the family together, his wife Anne (Patty Duke) plans an ill-fated vacation with their adult daughter, Carla (Elizabeth Rosen). Arriving later to the airport, Susan is left behind. Tom pilots the family's plane, stubbornly ignoring a winter storm until iced wings cause a crash landing on a remote mountainside.

Minutes after the family escapes the wreckage, an avalanche buries everthing in sight. Badly injured, Tom is finally forced to allow his son to provide for everyone's survival.

As search and rescue teams fruitlessly seek the downed plane, Susan's insight into her father's habits help them to find the crash site and rescue her family.

pg Parental Guidance
86 minutes


CastPatty Duke, William Devane, Natasha Melnick, Kaj-Erik Eriksen, Elizabeth Rosen, Armando Valdes, Kevin McNulty
DirectorMichael Switzer
Formats VHS
SA DistributorSter-Kinekor

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