Lethal Target

Lethal Target It's 2069 A.D. and Nikki Savage is serving a life term for murder in the Titan Penal Colony, but not for long. In the middle off yet another escape attempt from the prison, Nikki is caught and taken to the inscrutable Max Durant; the slightly oddball representative of an obscure and incredibly powerful police and intelligence agency.

Max is well aware of Nikki's past as a United Stellar Marshal, and knows that the crime for which she was convicted is a miscarriage of justice. Max offers Nikki a deal: help him with an assignment and at the very least, he will make sure that her sentence is reduced and perhaps even eradicated. Nikki agrees and Max briefs her on the mission. Only a few short weeks previously, a team from an intergalactic research vessel involved in time travel experiments has seemingly vanished.

Nikki's job is to go to the research vessel, supposedly as a replacement security offficer, and find out what's going on. Nikki reaches the research ship and it becomes clear that things aren't the way they should be aboard the vessel. Nikki investigates -- uncovering a deadly plot to infect the world with an alien bacterium that will transfrom every human being alive into nothing more than a host for the invading aliens.

Nikki must race against time to foil Dane's plot, stop the nightmarish plague from spreading and escape the doomed research vessel before certain destruction.

16 No persons under 16 (Sex, Violence)
93 minutes


CastKim Dawson, Josh Barker
DirectorLloyd A. Simandl
Formats VHS
SA DistributorNu Metro

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